Site D

All the world is a blur as five children are woken from sleep in the dead of night. People are all around them, hurrying through the facility they call home. There are crashes, metallic clanks and people shouting all around. Hurried cries of:

“We need to hold them back”
“I have men down!”
“Where are they coming from?”
“We need the barricades sured up”
“Christ! One got through!”

One by one the voices get silenced as the children are led into one of the maintenance rooms and then pushed into the secure room at the back. The wrinkled concerned face of a man they can only vaguely remember tries to give a reassuring smile and then puts a finger to his lips in an almost fatherly hush, before with his other hand he reaches up and hits the emergency locking mechanism, sealing the door closed.

From the glass partition in the security door they see a figure come in, dressed in black combat armor and walks determinedly over towards the old man, paying no regard to the locked away children. The armored figure grabs the man by the back of the collar despite his protests and starts to march him out and when he resists just drags him backwards out of the door kicking and screaming.

Then there is just silence…. That is until there isn’t. From the workshops exterior window there is a flash and somewhere in the distance a growing orb of blue fire erupts and engulfs the nightmare.

In the Silence of Space

Five orphans have survived a disaster that befell their colony, now 20 years later they must go into hiding disguised as a legitimate starship crew for a shadowy corporation wants them for unknown reasons.

It is a hard life among the stars and they do so now in their new home. The Ozymandias, having spent 10 years as a derelict Wanderer through space, now serves as a commercial starship once more. With it they can survive and hopefully find out why the corporation wants them.

Alien: Wanderer

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